How does a busy executive find time to buy a house when he's on an airplane more than he's on the ground?....

by selecting the right REALTOR with the right tools to help!

I met Jeff when I sold a condo in Signal Hill to his close friend Ken several years ago.  I was thrilled when Jeff called me to help him buy a new house.

Like all buyers he had a few very specific needs.  He wanted to start his search in the California Heights and the Bixby areas.  He needed at least a two car garage and more  if he could get it, for his 'toys'.  He was through with doing renovations and wanted the house to be 'move-in' ready.  And, he needed a peaceful outdoor space to unwind.

Jeff is a busy executive in the software industry and he spends about 60% of his time or more on airplanes.  Finding time to shop for a house was difficult.  After we met, I set him up with a Listing Book account so that he could look at property any time of the day or night as well as send and receive notes or questions from and to me when it was convenient for him.

Jeff travels with two cell phones, a notebook computer and is never without his iPad.  I also like to stay connected, so he convinced me I would love an iPad and he was right.

We have something else in common - we both love It's a Grind and that became our meeting place.  We didn't need to look at a lot of homes.  The system we set up made it easy for him to evaluate properties no matter where he was and then a quick drive by told him if it was worth a visit.  A couple of times I called him midday and said "where are you?  You have to come and see this house."

When I found the Lakewood Village house - I knew it was perfect.  He agreed it was a perfect size, beautifully redone with a gourmet kitchen, an outdoor kitchen and a backyard that was quiet and well landscaped - right down to the fridge.  Not to mention a two car garage that was extra wide and extra deep and there was even extra space on the side of the house where he could store his other toys!

But here's the really amazing part of this story.  Jeff and I met to sign his offer at the same It's a Grind that Ken and I had met years ago to sign his offer.  We even sat at the same table!  And if that's not enough, Jeff's house closed the same day as Ken's.  To complete the circle, I met Jeff at the same It's a Grind where I gave Ken his keys years before, to give him the keys to his new home.

What do they call that - serendipity - I definitely think it was.