The True Meaning of Referral

Many of you know I lost my friend and hairdresser Denis a few years ago.  I was convinced I would never find anybody who could cut my hair the way I wanted it.  Then I decided to call Katharine (she shared the salon with Denis).  I felt good about going back to a place I knew, to visit a person I knew. After all Katharine had watched Denis cut my hair for years so why wouldn't she be able to do the same job?  Katharine and I like to think that Denis is with us when we get together and he may even be a little jealous because everybody loves my 'do' and it's completely different than what he did for years.

Katharine and I have become good friends.  We share 'kid' stories, trash politicians and have a great time visiting.  I am a big Katharine fan, and somehow in the process Katharine has become a Heather fan.

One of Katharine's clients told her that she and her sister were getting ready to sell a home in Belmont Heights that had been in their family since it was built in 1923.  Katharine insisted she talk to me.  She sang my praises and arm wrestled the client until she called me.

That's when Charlene entered my life.  She is the older sister and has become the family Matriarch - I'm not sure that's a role she wants but it's hers.  We got together I did a listing presentation and then we set up a time for me to meet her sister Marie.  We got along like old friends.  Marie and I share very close birth dates - and are close in age.  We promised each other that when the house was sold we'd have Margaritas to celebrate the closing.  I'm so glad I had a chance to get to know these two very special ladies.  I have two new friends in my life.

Because of Katharine, my great 'do' and our ongoing visits, I was given a wonderful opportunity.  I am always thankful for the people my clients refer to me.  Katharine, you are special, thank you so much for having the confidence that I could take good care of your client.  By the way if any of you are looking for a great new 'do' please call Katharine at 562-209-2933, you'll be glad you did.