Sometimes it all just clicks....

One of the keys to the success of my business are the referrals.  Referrals are very special to me because I know you are entrusting me to take care of a friend, family member or business associate.  So we both have a stake in making the relationship work.

When my friend Dave Herman called and said he was passing on my name and number to a friend and client of his, I was thrilled.  Dave's friend, Grant and I exchanged emails and he told me that he and his wife Esther were just starting to look and wanted to explore Long Beach.

The next time I heard from Grant he said 'we're ready - we think.' I met with Grant and Esther and got a good idea of what they were looking for and what areas they may be interested in seeing.

We found a house that seemed perfect, so we wrote an offer only to have it turned down.  It was time for a change of strategy.  Since they lived in Santa Monica and had a very urban lifestyle, I suggested they explore downtown Long Beach and search through the available condos and lofts.

I had recently been at an Open House for a building called BLU.  The staff was amazing and the condos were beautiful.  Francisco, the Sales Manager, made everything so easy for us.  We had him running back and forth from top to bottom floor which he did it without complaint and with much enthusiasm.  I'm thrilled to say that Grant and Esther bought a beautiful unit on the top floor in this amazing building.

They love Long Beach, they love BLU and I'm so happy I was a part of their first home purchase.  This was a complete change of plan from what they set out to purchase and they couldn't be happier.  They kept an open mind, looked at lots of options and in the end...found the perfect home.

David, how can I ever thank you for trusting that I would take good care of your friends, Grant and Esther.  And, Grant and Esther thanks for letting me help you purchase your first home.

P.S. Francisco, we couldn't have done it without you.