Change is Good!

Lakewood Home

Sometimes it doesn't feel that way at the time.

I got a call from Deborah Schmidt in August 2006 to tell me she was going to sell her home in Lakewood.  Deborah and I knew each other from our networking group and she had done quite a bit of work for me over the years.

You can understand my feelings when I say I had mixed emotions.  I was excited about the possibility of selling a great home in a wonderful location - what more could an agent want.  But I was disappointed that 'my friend' and business associate would be leaving me and moving to Jonesboro, Arkansas!

Deborah is a single mom, raising a daughter, Kaitlin, working full-time and paying a large mortgage.  It's a lot to have on your plate.  Arkansas was a world away, but Deborah knew that she wanted a different life for her and Kaitlin and leaving California was the way she could provide it.

With the equity from her Lakewood home, she could purchase a house in Jonesboro three-times larger, giving her plenty of room to continue working out her home as a freelance graphic artist and web developer.

After 30 tense days, lots of trials and tribulations, (selling is always stressful) we got an offer and Deborah was then able to purchase the home of her dreams.  As you can see it's a beauty.

Kaitlin is doing great, she has lots of new friends and an amazing bedroom!  The rescued greyhounds they own now have an acre of land to romp around it.  It's their dream yard.  And Deborah-she's over the moon happy!  We still talk, email and stay in touch.  We're still friends and business associates.  They are very happy in Arkansas.  Not that they don't miss California, but heck they can visit any time.