Selling your home isn't about just putting a sign on the lawn...

In today's economy, it is understandable why people are trying to cut corners to save money.  In real estate this can really work against you.  When a Long Beach Police Officer was injured on the job and could no longer be active duty, he and his wife, a stay at home Mom, made the decision to move from California to Missouri.  Paying attention to every penny spent during this move was critical.

To save money, they listed their home with a family member who was a part-time Realtor and agreed to sell their home and charge them minimally for the service.  After listing the house, the agent took a few photographs and priced the house higher than the market value and then waited to see what would happen.

Little or no marketing was done, as a consequence little or no interest was shown in the house.  The price was reduced several times over the next year.  They did receive one offer during that time but couldn't agree on the details and the buyer walked away.

290 days later their agent decided to leave real estate!  The house had been empty for almost a year.  This is the least attractive way to show a home and buyers began to wonder why it was still on the market.  Was something wrong with this house?  In that year prices in their neighborhood dropped by almost 14%.

I got a call from their Relator who said "can you please help them?"  I felt terrible for this family who were so far away and desperate to sell.  I listed the house on the condition that they pay the regular commission rate because I would need to do lots of marketing to sell this house.

I'm happy to say we found a buyer in 14 days. In the long run, their decision to save money by not paying a commission cost them a lot more.  Remember you get what you pay for and no place is that more obvious than when it comes to selling real estate.  A large portion of the money you pay your agent should be spent on advertising your home so it sells quickly and for top dollar.  Before you or anybody you know lists a home be sure to check the agents's marketing plans--where will that money be spent?

A wonderful family has purchased the home and the clients are finally setting in Missouri.