Meet Lady

As most of you know,  we always celebrate Thanksgiving with our extended family, the Martins at our home in Palm Desert.

Every year there are lots of people around, so it was no surprise when Maggie introduced us to her new found friend from the patio next door, Lady, a beautiful black and white (rescued) cocker spaniel.  Maggie was overjoyed about her new friend.  It turned out that our next door neighbor had visitors from Coronado Island.  The dogs brought us together and we began to talk about how to control the dog fur- thank you Lois, the Furminator is a permanent part of our lives!

Bill, Lois and Lady were enjoying their first experience in the Desert when we met.  Bill was very curious about Monterey Country Club.  Since I know and love Monterey I was able to give him maps of the area and information about home prices.

Bill told my husband, that I was a wealth of information - Brian told Bill I was a REALTOR.  To my surprise Bill had been considering buying a place.  So, off we went in the golf cart to check out homes that were on the market.  We looked at lots of places and found a real 'gem' just a block from our home.

Lois as had a ball getting the house furnished and decorated.  Bill has learned that you can easily work less hours and commute to Palm Desert.  They love their new home, and like us they have the best of both worlds.  Spending the week at their home in Coronado with their sailing friends and then returning to the desert on the weekends to enjoy golf and the BarBQue!!

It will be fun to celebrate the anniversary of their decision every year.  Something else for us to be thankful for.

Lady,  thank you for introducing us, Maggie sends her love!