Why Stage?

Interesting Facts - Dressed for Success
A recent article in Realtor Magazine had some intereting facts.  "The Real Estate Staging Association studied 63 unstaged homes in 2013 that spent an average of 143 days on the market with no offers. After staging, those same homes were relisted and generated first offers in an average of 40 days.  In a separate study, RESA looked at 481 homes that were staged before hitting the market.  They garnered an offer in an average of 23 days."

Most sellers today understand the concept of staging, but may not understand the philosphy behind it. Here are some things you can do to help your property stand out.

Making sure the property is clean and 'de-clutter' helped provide a fresh place to start.   Getting the family involved with the cleaning, organization and packing will help cut back on stress and time to complete the task. 

If the tasks above seem daunting, we'll be happy to provide advice or recommend a professional organizer/stager/clutter-buster to aid with difficult decisions.

Keep it just as it is and you run the risk of taking a financial hit on the sales price, and if the house is on the market longer than the other listings, you'll have an 'old' listing on your hands that will dramatically reduce the selling price.

Staging helps shows furture buyers possibilities
During the Staging process, keep in mind that the goal is to rearrange and showcase the house to the potential buyer how the room can be used rather than how we configured our home with our furniture.  Remember, we want to show as much 'floor space' as possible to let buyers know how muchsquare footage they are purchasing. 

By removing some pieces of furniture and accessories from rooms and simplifying what is left we are letting the potential buyer see what it looks like with some furniture (leaving it bare is not what we want!) and still allowing them room to visual themselves and their belongings.

Make sure that personal belongs, family photos, fragile items are 'concealed' some place easy for you to reach so they do not distract a buyer that is looking at what could be their future home.

Remember is you have any pets be sure your house is odor free - with the work you've done on cleaning and removing things - your house will be in 'showroom' condition.

Sometimes you need a professional.
Stagers are amazing.  Hiring a professional will help when you are feeling the task is too daunting or that you need more hands to help get the house market ready.

A stager will come to your home and help direct you with instructions on what items should stay, where they should go and what should be taken out so that your property can tell a cohesive story to those walking through the door to purchase a new home.

Not enough furniture to 'complete' the story that needs to be told?  A staging company also has furniture that can help fill in the missing pieces so your property makes sense!

Your first impression is the lasting one.
Just like a book cover, the outside of your property is the first thing that a buyer sees and really can help set the tone for the rest of their viewing experience.

Simple things like manicuring the law, planting flowers and even setting down bark chips can help add that appeal that they won't forget.

Full Service Team at your disposal!
Sarah has a design background - did you know that?  One of the advantages we bring to your sale is that we can offer you specific guidance on your property to get you Ready to Sell.  We spend a lot of time after you sign the listing agreement making sure that your home will sell quickly and for top dollar.  And if we can't solve the problems, we'll suggest a professional that will be a good fit for the job at hand.  Remember selling your home is a team effort - and the Realtors and the Sellers have to be on the same team for you to achieve your financial goals.

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