Friends Helping Friends


Welcome to Cypress and the home of Mark and Lori Lofstrom.  Lori and I met at the State of the City Address.  We got along like old friends, we were both Presidents of the Women's Council, me the Real Estate group and her the Chamber of Commerce.  As we were leaving she mentioned they may be considering a move so I gave her my card, sent her an email, she called and the rest is history--almost.

Lori, her husband Mark, and their son Parker (and beagle Buddy) had a home in Cerritos that was a great family home but they had outgrown it.  So we started looking for the home of their dreams.  You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince and so it was with their search.  We looked in their neighborhood of choice, Rossmoor until I think we knew every house on the market and could anticipate our feelings about a property before we even saw it.

Then one day I went on tour and saw a house I knew was perfect!  I called Mark from the master bedroom and said "I found your house".  The only downside---it was in Cypress not Rossmoor.  I asked Mark to do me a favor and just look at this place.  They did and it was love at first sight.  The house had lots of room, is on a quiet cul de sac, and has a pool that would keep Parker and his friends happy --- it even had a doggie door for Buddy!

So, we listed their house and it sold right away--and they moved into their new home.  Lori has put her own touches on the place it is a gorgeous family home where they will live happily for many years.

One day, Lori called and invited me as her guest to attend the State of the City.  At that meeting they announced that Lori will be the Chairperson of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce in the coming year.  Congratulations Lori!

--To Mark, Lori, Parker and Buddy, thank you my friends for letting me help you find the home of your dreams.