Meet Chris and Amy Tafel

When I first met them they had just become Mr. and Mrs. Tafel.  They are two of my favorite clients.  How exciting to be planning their future and how amazing that I got to be part of it by helping them purchase their first home!

They were crammed into Chris' tiny apartment by the beach-the beach was good-but the space wasn't!

They knew what they wanted and what they could afford, so every spare moment, they drove around looking at open houses, checking the listings I sent them and trying to narrow down their favorite neighborhoods.  When they came across the house across the street from a golf course---did I mention Chris is a golfer--they knew they found their home.  Chris had visions of spending lots of time on the front porch.

They survived the purchase, moved in and immediately began to make the house their own. As a house warming gift, I had given them a Lady Bug Wind Sock and a Wind Chime because these brought good luck.  I'm happy to say the Lady Bug flag still flies over their house.

In January 2006 they introduced a new member to their family, Megan.  She is fabulous and loves her home as much as her Mom and Dad.

Talking about Chris and Amy reminds me of one of the reasons I got into Real Estate.  To help families realize their dreams, especially their first home purchase.  It's a great honor and privilege to watch this family grow and know that I had a small part in helping them achieve their dreams.

Thanks Chris and Amy for letting me be part of your adventure and your life.